Program Announcement


THE XXIII LACEA LAMES Annual Meeting is getting closer and we are delighted to announce the conference program.

The opening of the conference will be on the 8th of November with two keynote lectures given by the Nobel Prize winner Christopher Pissarides and Janet Currie (Princeton University). The first day will end with keynote lectures by Yeon Koo Che (Columbia University) and Ellen Grattan (University of Minnesota).

The second day, another four keynote speakers will be presenting: Mathew Jackson (Standford University), Martin Eichenbaum (Northwestern University), the Argentinian Guillermo Calvo (Columbia University) and Elie Tamer (Harvard). This day will end with a special dinner.

Finally, Saturday the 10th, the highlight will be around Christopher A. Sims, Nobel Prize winner, followed by Richard Rogerson (Princeton University) and James Robinson, winner of the Dìaz-Alejandro Prize.

The conference program is available in this link: