The LACEA LAMES Job Section is an opportunity to find high quality and renowned academic professionals. With this initiative, we seek to connect the most prestigious universities in the region with trained professionals who provide innovative ideas to cover the needs of today's world. In addition to promoting your academic unit and expanding your networking.

Registration fee:

The value of registration in the LACEA LAMES Job Section is $ 300 USD per academic unit.

Participating in the LL18 job section offers the following benefits:

  • Room equipped and suitable for conducting interviews.
  • Be present in the job promotion section on our website.
  • Sending two emails to participants and attendees with your vacancy information.

Registration Process

  • Notes: To complete the registration process you must:

i) pay the registration fee here and
ii) fill the registration form here. Please enter id transaction in the form.


For more information please send an email to lacealames18@espol.edu.ec