Nobel Prize Winners visit Espol

Cristhopher Pissarides and Christopher A. Sims, 2010 and 2011 winners of the Sveriges Riksbank Nobel Prizes in Economic Sciences, will visit Guayaquil, Ecuador in November.

This visit will take place in ESPOL University as part of the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Economics Association (LACEA) and the Latin American Meetings of Econometric Society (LAMES), LACEA LAMES 2018, on the 8th, 9th and 10th of November, 2018.

Christopher Pissarides, a British-Cypriot economist, was awarded with the Nobel Prize together with the Americans Peter A. Diamond and Dale T. Mortensen for their contribution to the theory of search frictions and macroeconomics. Currently, he is a professor at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. Pissarides specializes in labour market economy, macroeconomics policies, economic growth and structural change.

Christopher A. Sims, is a professor in Princenton University in the United States. He was awarded with The Sveriges Riksbank Prizes in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. His research focuses on macroeconomic causes and effects of types of interest.  Sims received the Nobel Prize along with Thomas J. Sargent, the recognized economist, for their complementary research.

Relevant keynote speakers who will attend the LACEA LAMES 2018 Conference are Elie Tamer from Harvard University, Janet Currie and Richard Rogerson from Princeton University, Matthew O. Jackson from Stanford University, well-recognized researchers in the economics field.

The LACEA LAMES Conference is the most important event in Latin America and the Caribbean region in the fields of economics and econometrics. Given the relevance of the highly qualified speakers, LACEA LAMES 2018 becomes a milestone in Ecuador.

This year, 700 academics and policy makers from the Latin American and Caribbean region  will get together in the city of Guayaquil Ecuador, South. Previous editions took place in Buenos Aires (2017) and Medellin (2016).